A.R.G. (George) Owen (1919-2003) and Iris M. Owen (1916-2009)


A mathematician, geneticist, and university lecturer, A.R.G. (George) Owen together with his wife Iris M. Owen (a World War II radio intercept officer, nurse and parapsychology instructor) made valuable contributions to the literature on poltergeists and psychokinesis, especially through their table-tilting experiments in Toronto during the 1970s that involved the creation of an imaginary ghost named “Philip.”

The Owens’ main interest in parapsychology was physical phenomena. Through their personal investigation of spontaneous phenomena in poltergeist outbreaks and their attempts to replicate Spiritualist table-tilting phenomena in the Philip sitter group, they became convinced of the reality of some physical psychic phenomena, including psychokinesis.

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In Canada, the Owens’ parapsychological research was documented largely in the New Horizons Journal and a series of privately-circulated occasional papers.

Canada’s “Master Gather,” anthologist John Robert Colombo, who was a friend of the Owens, has kindly permitted the Survival Research Institute of Canada to digitize and make available for research purposes ONLY his 1999 tribute, titled Conjuring Up the Owens.

Photograph by Mr. Robin E. Owen.

This photograph depicts Iris M. Owen (shown at the far left) and fellow members of the Philip Table-tilting Group, Toronto, ca. 1973-75.