Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust

Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust
Contact name: Albert Batten, Chairman
Beverley J. Batten, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone number: 613-210-0957
Meetings: See Coming Events on website.
Mailing address: Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust
1337 County Road 3
Carrying Place, Ontario K0K 1L0


The Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 2007 to honour past generations of the Batten and Gale families and their service to the cause of Spiritualism for over 100 years.

  • The purpose of the Trust is to:
  • Protect and promote the fundamental Principles, core values, and the philosophy of Spiritualism
  • Provide educational opportunities for the continuing development of mediumship skills within Spiritualism
  • Provide spiritual resources for healing the sick
  • Promote charitable aims in accordance with the Second Principle of Spiritualism with particular emphasis on the needs of children.

The Trust operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors consisting of Albert Batten, Chairman; Beverley Batten, Secretary Treasurer; Ellen Johnson, Auditor and Financial advisor; and SNU Minister Steven Upton as Honorary Director and Spiritual Advisor. All proceeds from its operations are used solely to support its educational programmes, for healing resources, and for distribution to charitable causes.

It sponsors The Stansted Experience, an annual six day residential educational programme devoted to teaching enhanced mediumship skills and sponsors various other workshops throughout Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom. The Trust is not aligned with any formal body or organization; its purpose is to serve the broader interests of the Spiritualist community and is available to provide financial, educational, or spiritual resources which might not otherwise be available to Spiritualist organizations, churches, and individuals.

Further information can be obtained through its website:

The Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust is a registered not-for-profit corporation.