Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC)

Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC)
Contact name: Reverend Angela Morra, President
ORILLIA, Ontario
Phone number: 905-691-7601 (voice mail)
Meetings: Annual General Meeting.
Mailing address: 37 Dalton Crescent North
Orillia, Ontario L3V 5J6
Email: president@spiritualistchurchofcanada.com
Facebook: Spiritualist Church of Canada
Website: spiritualistchurchofcanada.com


The Spiritualist Church of Canada is a national parent body for Canadian Spiritualist organizations, with eighteen (18) affiliated congregations located in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Québec, and Ontario. Membership consists of both churches and individuals. In September of 2018, the SCC has 200 members, including 32 SCC-ordained ministers.

The SCC has an educational and accreditation program through which it prepares candidates for ministry within the religion of Spiritualism. The Spiritualist Church of Canada’s ministers are recognized to perform marriages within Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. The SCC is a registered charitable organization within Canada.

Originally named the Spiritualists’ National Union of Canada (SNU), the organization changed its name to the Spiritualist Church of Canada on August 23, 1978 (SCC). The Spiritualists’ National Union of Canada was incorporated under Canadian federal law on 27 April 1929, enabling it to operate as a corporate body in each province and territory. Originally, it was affiliated with the Spiritualists’ National Union of Great Britain. Prominent Canadian Spiritualist ministers Henry Thomas Batten (1870-1931), Walter Thomas Marriott (died 1954), and James Porter Skelton died (1954-55) were among the charter members.

Initially, the SNU headquarters were at Toronto’s Britten Memorial Church of Canada, named after Spiritualist medium, lecturer, and traveller Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) who was the founder of the organization that later became the SNU of Great Britain. Both Springdale Church and East Hamilton Spiritual church have a photograph of the SNU’s first annual general meeting which was held in Hamilton in 1929. Today the Spiritualist Church of Canada’s headquarters are located at 37 Dalton Crescent North, Orillia, Ontario.