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Jenny O’Hara Pincock (1890-1948) – SRIC

Jenny O’Hara Pincock (1890-1948)

Canadian author and Spiritualist, and wife of Robert Newton Pincock (1883-1928), Jenny Helena Florence O’Hara was born in Madoc, Ontario, in 1890, and died in Ontario in 1948.

She is noted for two publications: Trails of Truth (1930) that contains descriptions of Spiritualist seances held in a home circle in St. Catharines, Ontario, during 1928 and 1929; and Hidden Springs: A Narrative Poem of Old Upper Canada and Other Poems (1950), published post-humously. The latter includes a foreword by her husband’s friend Dr. E.J. Pratt, a prominent Canadian poet.

For more information, view this pdf.

Photograph Courtesy of Mrs. Colleen Gildner.

This photograph depicts Jennie O’Hara Pincock in a garden in the 1940s.