The objects of the Corporation are:

  1. to pursue and promote studies in the field of survival research which is investigation into whether some part of human consciousness or personality, commonly referred to as “spirit”, survives physical death and whether that spirit is able to communicate with living individuals
  2. to publish and make available to the public reports of such research findings
  3. to organize and sponsor educational opportunities on topics relevant to survival research through lectures, discussion groups, and demonstrations of mediumship
  4. to liaise and cooperate with other survival researchers
  5. to study definitions of death, cross-cultural attitudes towards death and life after death, theories of survival, and related phenomena and practices
  6. to conduct or participate in historical studies of spiritualism and psychical research in Canada
  7. to develop, conduct or participate in scientific experiments to determine whether evidence providing proof of survival is possible, such as pre-arranged dictionary, combination and other tests designed to identify a specific post-mortem communicator
  8. to document accounts, anecdotes, and reminiscences of death-bed visions, near-death experiences, spontaneous apparitions, post-mortem spirit communications via mediumship, and other phenomena suggestive of a continued existence of some aspect of the human personality after physical death
  9. to establish and maintain a library of publications relevant to survival research, including books on life after death, spiritualism, psychical research, comparative religion, and other related topics
  10. to facilitate the transfer of documentation relating to survival research and related studies to an appropriate archival repository or, when necessary, to safeguard such records until arrangements can be made for an appropriate repository
  11. to create and publish research aids relevant to survival research, including bibliographies, directories, and other access tools
  12. to obtain and disburse funding to carry out the objects of the Corporation.