Trails Of Truth

Through a generous private donation, SRIC has obtained copies of Trails of Truth by Jenny O’Hara Pincock (Los Angeles: Austin Publishing Company, 1930). We are making a number of them available for sale.

The book contains descriptions of Spiritualist seances held in St. Catharines (Ontario, Canada) in 1928 and 1929, at which the author’s husband Robert Newton Pincock (1883-1928) allegedly returned through the American medium William Cartheuser to prove his survival.

All of the seance participants are named, with the exception of the noted Canadian poet Dr. E.J. Pratt and his wife Viola Pratt. They are the two people identified in the introduction only as “Dr. X, Ph.D., M.A.” and “Mrs. X, B.A.” Participants also included a judge, lawyers, a public school inspector and other local citizens.

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